Make my wordpress world orange


I am really chuffed to have so many international visitors on my blog! Thanks for stopping by folks!!

Now I wondered if it would be possible to have no white spot on the world left. I would appreciate your help to make my world orange 🙂


3 thoughts on “Make my wordpress world orange

  1. Hi Martina I see you have been blogging for a long time. I wondered how you got this post together, I assumed you did a screen grab and then have done some layout work with the Flags? On my Stats page all the flags are on the left hand side going down the page. So it would take quite a bit of work to get everything on one page I think.

    Yes it amazes me how many countries my blog has been to. I am currently just over half way to turning the world yellow.

    What has happen to your wonderful B&W work?
    Regards Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      you are spot on! I put the pic together in PS, done from a screenshot. It looked better that way 😉 Yes, it is amazing indeed how many people you can reach in the world, I never thought that peeps in Venezuela would view my stuff…

      Well, my BW stuff is smouldering in the deep, flowers and tomatoes do look better in colour. Hang on, I have done a Brugmansia bloom in BW the other day… I will post it just for you 🙂

      Keep up the magnificent work!
      Cheers from Bavaria,

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